September 07, 2014

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This is the FASTEST way to get an answer to your questions! I check e-mail CONSTANTLY and will almost always get back to you within a few hours, but the policy is 48 hours tops! :)

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I use the Unit Studies for my 1st and 7th graders and they make my prep time and hands-on instruction so minimal I can even do them when we're short on time! I love the additional

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We have really enjoyed the free units. They have contained info we had not come across before so that really held my kids attention.
You also offer some units that are not r

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I love Simple Schooling products so much. They make the unit studies I do with my children so much easier with the information and color pictures. I have used them with all ages fr

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I absolutely love the products on this site. Times are tough here financially so we do mostly free stuff and my kids love it! Thanks for making our homeschool! I really don't know

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My 17yr old has Down Syndrome but is quite bright and he loves the simple schooling unit studies and the freebies. He is able to most of these on his own or with just a bit of hel

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