September 21, 2014

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Middle School Physics Online Subscription

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Middle School Physics Online

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Welcome to the Easiest Homeschool Science You'll Ever Use!

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Simple Schooling Middle School Physics gives your student a head start by introducing the incredibly interesting topics covered in a high school physics course - but without the math that undermines the student's progress.  This is an all new interactive format that includes hundreds of animations, videos, and presentations. Included with your one year subscription is the completely 300 page worktext/lab book, the parent guide, and more than 400 slide presentations to make sure your student REALLY understands what they are learning.  This course will build their vocabulary, quiz them as they progress through the units using various games, activities, and interactive modules, and free up your time.  All videos and websites are linked online, so it is incredibly convenient.  Never go hunting for supplemental materials again!

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TRY FOR FREE using the sample link above - Unit 15 is the first unit of the second semester and begins with Einstein.  Einstein is awesome in so many ways!  Your students will explore the two Laws of Relativity; Special and General.  They learn the difference between the two and they'll see that some things we previously thought to be true, are actually not.  Make sure they click through to the links as they come up - they are important in order to fully understand what is going on. .

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Your middle school scientist will start learning the major formulas in physics almost from day one in Middle School Physics - so it should come as no surprise that by unit 15 they will have been exposed to a number of them.  There are activities along the way to help reinforce the memorization of formulas, but don't worry - they will not be solving difficult equations.  They will also be memorizing the Laws of Physics as they progress through the course - again - there will be plenty of opportunities for them to learn this information so if they can't answer the questions in the unit games, let them take their best guess right now.  If they take the full Middle School Physics course they will have no problem when the time comes.

Specific Topics in Middle School Physics Include:

  • Motion
  • Forces
  • Vector and Scalar Quantities
  • Momentum
  • Energy
  • Circular Motion
  • Center of Gravity
  • Rotational Mechanics
  • Universal Gravitation
  • Gravitational Interactions
  • Satellite Motion
  • Special Relativity
  • Matter
  • States of Matter
  • Temperature/Heat/Expansion
  • Transmission of Heat
  • Changing States of Matter
  • Thermodynamics
  • Vibrations and Waves
  • Sound/Light/Color
  • Reflection/Refraction/Defraction/Displacement
  • Electrical Forces
  • Currents and Circuits
  • Magnetism
  • The Quantum World

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